What is Car Leasing?

You pay a fixed monthly fee to drive the vehicle for an agreed period of time and number of kilometers. Leasing a car is actually a massive rental. Rather than just buying it, preferring whether to lease a cheap car mainly comes down to expectations. Leasing or buying is purely a matter of dollars and cents with certain users.

Taking a deeper viewpoint, there is scarcely any comparison between the two. In terms of vocabulary and verbiage, the difference is In Islamic leasing, after shipment of the car, the transactions and premiums begin, so this is relaxation.


What are the eligibility criteria for Car Leasing in Pakistan?

Salaried Individuals:

  • Must be a Pakistani National Identity Card Holder and the minimum income should be PKR 25,000/-
  • Workers in the private sector must be between the ages of 21 and 65 at the time of loan maturity, while government employees must be between the ages of 60 and 65.
  • Latest original salary slip and personal bank statement of last three months
  • Two passport-size pictures taken recently
  • At the time of loan maturity, the borrower would be between the ages of 21 and 70.//b

Self-employed/Business persons:

  • Must be a Pakistani National Identity Card Holder and minimum Income should be PKR 50,000/- per month
  • At the time of loan maturity, the current company must have been in operation for at least one year and the borrower must be between the ages of 21 and 70.
  • Two passport-size pictures taken recently
  • Bank statement for the previous six months and bank letter confirming the account information
  • Business Proof


What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Car Leasing?

The main disadvantage of leasing is that you do not gain any equity in the car. It’s a bit of an apartment locator. When the lease expires, you make monthly payments but have no ownership claim.

The advantage is that the depreciation is taken up by someone else. Depreciation is when its worth is lost by a vehicle. All cars are depreciating. It’s just what happens when you drive a vehicle. Other things, such as the economy and any future problems that might have struck the maker, also impact depreciation.

Your current vehicle, not everything you dreamed it would be? Suspect not, with a lease, every few years you get to replace your vehicle.

This is so much appealing have a new car with the latest feature and more upgraded safety equipment’s, but not to have to go to reselling and buying process globally.

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Both your repair expenses are in one monthly charge, You will have the option of conditions stipulated when you lease a vehicle. This covers all the ongoing costs for the period of your contract. When you have leased a car, you have to get it serviced. On behalf of your monthly lease fee, a maintenance arrangement is an extra cost. This includes all of your services for the length of your contract. Instead of paying for the cost of operation in advance, it effectively spreads it out over the lifespan of your contract. Its major drawback majorly includes you can’t make your car personalized, you are not own the car.


Car Lease Application and Approval

As of right and accurate as possible, state your personal details. The payback period that best fits your budget is identified. The longer the lease, the lesser the maintenance amount, but in the end, you will be paying at least 25 percent more than a shorter-term lease. Once your loan is authorized, you will need to sign a record book and some other official papers, along with an affidavit, the bank will also have the right, in case of your death, they resell your car.


What is the warranty for Car Leasing?

Make the argument with the bank. You will not be offered an option, since that is the responsibility of the bank. Get a copy of the insurance policy, regardless of whether you are enrolled or not. Keep it in a file that you have created. Get a copy of the insurance certificate and keep it with you as well. Choose the right one if the bank gives you the option of selecting an insurance agency.

What are the Rates On Intrest?

Look at the internal rate of return (IRR), they are either set or trailerable. To see the outcomes, add the MS Excel formula. Perhaps when one goes for a mortgage, the interest rate of 1 or 2 percent is not that relevant, it is the way things are done.


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What is the procedure to Transfer Ownership?

With the latest e-convenience centers of NADRA, the change of vehicle ownership or relocation of cars and bikes has been made hassle-free.

  • When the contractor applies for a change of ownership of the vehicle, NADRA retrieves the data of the respective vehicle from the excise department’s ownership data by using the new method.
  • Then it updated with the name of the buyer, CNIC number, and contact number as soon as the details of the respective vehicle are obtained.
  • After updating the buyer’s identification, a confirmation SMS would be sent to both the seller and the buyer of the vehicle to proceed.
  • The text message sent to the purchaser would also provide the specifications of the due payment for the change of ownership of the car.
  • The new owner will obtain the vehicle’s smart registration card at their defined address within a few days upon payment of the due charge.


This new system would potentially enhance the general public thus saving their time and energy and actively attempting to wait outside the excise bureaus in the long queues.

Which bank is best for car leasing in Pakistan?


Lastly, What about Mileage?

You have a fixed mileage when you lease a vehicle, which is well before the beginning of the contract. The more mileage, the more likely your monthly payments are to be. This is because one of the main variables when it comes to depreciation is mileage.

Most leases have a cap on how many miles you can drive each year, usually between 10,000 and 12,000 per year. (A higher mileage cap can be negotiated.) If you go over your quota, you’ll have to pay a fee.