Driving on an empty road is all fun for female drivers but it became challenging when the real journey begins on the crowded roads the situation is totally different. In a Male-dominated society like Pakistan, female drivers not only have to face restrictions from family but they also have to face male driver’s staring and glaring eyes at them and above all, they have to bear those “Road Romeos” who just decide to make a move on them while driving.

When a driver is a lady

“Oye! Bachi check kar” this comment is the most sophisticated one which a female driver hears while driving followed by many other harsh and annoying comments. Unfortunately, female drivers are bound to face criticism and harassment because they are driving in a male dominating society where a male driver cannot let the female drivers pass by without taunting them just because of their gender. Even if anyone look’s at the statics they will find out that female drivers are much more careful than male drivers especially young males who tend to be much careless and rash drivers.

Challenges and Problems facing by female drivers

Taunting and calling comments on female drivers is a normal thing in Pakistan such gender inequality is a major issue in our culture as the majority of our boys and girls grow up partitioned by a social wall. As a result, they never learn how to respectfully interact with each other, a basic concept in social interaction no matter what the gender is and this leads to making many stereotypes in our society one of which is that females are not capable of driving or driving safely.

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Challenges and Problems which are facing by female drivers is the ridiculous and disgusting looks of the opposite gender, the moment they see a female driving, male drivers try to bring their cars too close or in some cases start following and harassing them. All of these things only confuse the other person and can lead to serious harm, such as accidents.

Then another issue is keeping your window open while driving which gives the male drivers a right to throw their number written on a small piece of paper into a female driver’s car and if being an experienced female driver keep’s their window close then they have to bear their indecent gestures. According to various studies based on safety on roads, women fall victim to road accidents when they hastily attempt to get away from other vehicles following harassment, objectification, and aggression.

Learning with hurdles

Then there are issues with the new female drivers. Every beginner makes mistakes and learns from those mistakes but when it comes to road safety and female drivers the point is totally different as Pakistan being a male dominating country already has made a perspective that female drivers are the cause/reason behind any informality on the road. Even if a female driver has a huge “L” written behind their vehicles, which indicates “Learner/Learning”.

Usually, men try to confuse female drivers by bringing their car too close or by overtaking when men see female drivers in the lane. If a female driver takes a wrong turn, then everyone on the road badly stared or pass bad comments, without even considering that if there is an “L” written behind the car, which indicates that she is a learner and there is space for mistakes and failures.

Are female drivers are better?

Even an experienced female behind the wheels can tell what it feels like to be on the road with several eyes on you. It’s hard to drive on roads where mostly men drivers ruling on the road, but in contrast to male drivers, women drivers are more alert and cautious. According to research, it was observed that the female drivers are more civilized than the male drivers but still, we think that male drivers behave in such a manner that it seems like females are committing a crime by learning such driving skills. And the issue does not end on the roads even the car mechanics think of female as inexperienced and will try to trick them into paying more money for a simple task as tightening some nut-bolts.

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Things need to be stop

Why is it necessary to involve gender in being a skillful driver, any gender can excel in any skill, a man can be a great cook and a female can be a superb driver? we cannot figure out the driving skills based upon gender, It can be anyone who can learn how to drive with responsibility. It’s not only the female who is responsible for an accident while driving and men should understand that female drivers deserve equal respect on the road.

Five fingers are not equal

Well, I must appreciate those male drivers who always show respect to female drivers and give us a way to pass first. Even many well mannered male drivers always up for help If they found female drivers in trouble. On social media, I viewed many videos where men stop or caught harassers which reflects a positive side and we can’t deny it.


These challenges and problems facing female drivers not only make them strong but give them the courage to move forward in a male-dominated country like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan. Please share your opinion in the below comments. Keep in mind that before starting your journey, you should get your driving permit no matter who you are, a man or woman, and don’t forget to wear a seat-belt whenever you are about to drive and always drive with a peaceful mind and follow all the rules and regulations as a part of a good citizen. 


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