These car maintenance tips in Winter help to ensure keep running your car without any trouble. Drive with care each day and your vehicle will compensate you with longer intervals with no need for any mechanic. These basic tips to maintain your car

Maintain Tire Pressure:

Maintain Tire Pressure-Wheels Buster

Make sure you checked tire pressure whenever you take your vehicle for a drive out, remembering this, keep the pressure a little lower with the goal that when it extends, it doesn’t burst the tire. Individuals making a trip toward the northern zones must keep the tire pressure at the ideal level generally tires can burst because of an adjustment in temperature. Additionally, in the event that you are setting off toward the northern territories with frigid conditions, use winter tires rather than summer tires. This will assist your vehicle with gaining additional steadiness and won’t regularly slip in the day off.


Windscreen-Wheels Buster

Wherever there is ice or snow on your windscreen, don’t pour boiling water to soften the ice or day off. This is on the grounds that the heated water will break the windscreen and can cause critical monetary harm. So as to securely and enough liquefy the ice from your windscreen, turn on air condition and defroster of your vehicle. Keep your car ac on the max level.

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Battery-Wheels Buster

Your battery is the fundamental part of your vehicle and it is more affected in the winter season. Winter temperatures reduce cranking power, which is one reason why start takes longer than in summer. It now becomes necessary that you purchase and swap your battery for the winter as soon as possible. To see whether you have to buy another one, have a volt test perform on your present battery before winter begins to ensure it’s still in great working condition. In case it is not then you can either purchase or swap your present battery with the new one and install it by yourself or with a trusted mechanic.

Windshield Wipers:

Windshield Wipers-winter maintenance tips

Damaged windshield wipers can essentially impede your capacity to view in wet climate conditions. In case your wipers are bowed, bent, or basically don’t clear your windshield enough, at that point change them immediately.

Antifreeze Mixture:

Antifreeze Mixture-winter maintenance tips

Your coolant ought to be a 50-50 mix of liquid antifreeze and water. In case you’re uncertain, you can purchase a cheap radiator fluid analyzer at most automotive part stores. Having under half a liquid catalyst can leave your motor powerless against solidifying up.


So above you read basic winter tips to maintain your car without any trouble. For what it’s worth, if you follow all the above winter maintenance tips, you can be sure your car will almost last forever.

These are the basic tips to maintain your car, For more detailed tips, You can read it here