The PTI government has finally approved an environmental policy that includes the plan to transform 3,000 CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) stations nationwide into EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations.

The Official says “The charging stations for EVs will require power that will be provided through trading organizations only, except if somebody makes their very own capacity of power supply”

However, Ministry of Climate Change did a lot of efforts to boost Electric vehicles in Pakistan that helps to assure the environment, however, it was at this point to think of solid strategies to make an interpretation of the fantasy into existence.

Climate ministry representative on Tuesday said that motor vehicle carbon outflows were viewed as perhaps the main reason for air pollution, which was the reason the ministry was working vigorously to execute electric vehicles everywhere throughout the world.

“The utilization of electric vehicles may help settle numerous issues, including air pollution, rising fuel import bill, and saving 66% on transportation,” The Representative said.

Initially, the government will concentrate on changing over 30 percent of all out number of vehicles, mostly cars and rickshaws into Electric vehicles, said Adviser to PM. In addition, the PM adviser on Climate Change likewise accepts that moving to electric vehicles will reduce the yearly oil import bill of the nation by about $1 billion.

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One of the key fact is converting 100,000 cars as well 500,000 bikes and rickshaws into Electric Vehicles in next 4 years. To bring new investments, the government is additionally offering a few tax-based encouragements. Moreover it will be interesting to see if the government succeeds to transform its point of bringing EV culture into the real world or not.

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