Good news for Honda Fans, Honda has planned to debut the 11th generation Honda Civic on 17th November. The prototype model of 2022 Honda Civic will be disclosed live on Twitch of all places this coming Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 9:45 p.m. ET.

The prototype will give us a clear idea of how the new generation Honda Civic’s final production version will look. A teaser video giving us glimpses of the next-generation Civic sedan has also been released by Honda.


It is anticipated that this model will get a complete overhaul. With new technology, it will come with an improved list of features. But if the leaked patent photos are to go by, the exterior design would not see a drastic difference. however, the vehicle will see a big change to the rear design.

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The side profile is not entirely disclosed, but we see part of the window line that has the same distinctive kink near the C-pillar as on the current model of Honda Accord. You can see further evidence of this “baby Accord” design around the rear, as the boot lid of the Civic is clearly seen with a slight ducktail on it. There are some clear differences, however as the taillights on the D-segment model are nothing like those.

Honda has not still revealed the interior pictures of this generation but being a Honda fan, we must say that don’t worry, it will never disappoint us. Bear in mind, that the orange car you saw in the teaser video basically going to be a prototype, so the version ready for the showroom does not look 100% like this.

The 2022 Honda Civic Sedan production is expected to start in late spring 2021. What is your take on the all-new 11th gen Honda Civic design? Let us know with your comments.