Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is about to start importing of Euro-5 standard fuel soon after the approval of Federal Government. Initially, PSO will import from Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, which has been providing fuel to Pakistan since 40 years.

Pakistan has been utilizing a 60-day interest free facility from Kuwait since year 2000. Consumers in Pakistan will be able to catch Euro-V standard fuel in the June to July. Pakistan state oil is attaining at present gas oil of 500ppm under a long-term contract with KPC that has already been prolonged till December 2020, but KPC would have not have that deprived quality fuel at its disposal further than early 2020. PSO will take the delivery of 2-2.3 million tons from the Kuwaiti organization this year.

The Pakistan state oil has testified that erect pricing based on 500ppm sulphur (Euro-II) will not be commercially achievable for it because 10ppm sulphur (Euro-V) is almost $1 per barrel more lavish.

All they will be starts imports of diesel may conform to Euro-V terms with effect from January 2021 said by Kuwait Petroleum. Import of diesel below Euro-V standard may not be permissible to any OMC beyond that closing date, the Petroleum Division said, adding that PSO, however, may start trade in Euro-V diesel from the very first week  of June 2020, as and when available from Kuwait Petroleum, which indicated that it would start trial production very soon.

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The native market, informed sources said, is far from adopting Euro-V fuel. For instance, every 12 months vehicle analysis, consigned automobile services and action against smoke-emanating public transport and possessions vehicles are not a norm or legal constraint in Pakistan, but are firmly effected in Europe.

In winter, many urban area of Pakistan face intense smog that they will effect on visibility also on highways causing health problems, eye sight issues and several health issues. In Pakistan peoples facing lot of climate change issue regarding to this purpose, and lot of air pollution. impede pollution through making available better quality fuel will be valuable for everyone.

OGRA would settle value calculation in meeting with petroleum treatment facilities and PSO so any undue favorable position to the processing plants creating fuel beneath Euro-V standard could be avoided, the Petroleum Division included. It said mixing of imported and locally produced grade by the refineries facilities and OMCs may likewise be permitted as it would improve overall specification and consistence of the product.


Source: Express Tribune