To Launch Electric Buses in Pakistan Airlift Signs MoU with Government

The Federal Government of Pakistan has denoted a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with the ride-hailing service Airlift. The MoU has been signed by Fawad Chaudary (Minister of Science & Technology) with CEO of Airlift Usman Gul. According to the MoU, Airlift will become the first ever company who introduce the electric buses in Pakistan. Initially, Airlift will be providing public transportation only in Lahore & Karachi. Later on they will provide in whole country as well.

Fawad Chaudary said in his press conference that:

“These youngsters have pursued this entrepreneurship idea and have managed to raise funding for it. I generally advise youngsters to concentrate more on entrepreneurship than looking for jobs.”

On this event, Airlift’s Executive Director Syed Mehr Haider tells the participants about the $12 million financing that the organization has raised for its Series. It is the biggest subsidizing ever for a Pakistani startup thus far one of the biggest raised by any startup inside the South Asian locale, moreover he further stated:

 “Each Airlift bus on roads will be replacement of 10 daily-driven cars.”

Airlift marks itself as alternative option to Uber, Careem and open transportation, enabling passengers to book rides on premium quality transports that have their own fixed routes as well stops and times.

Airlift is hoping to put resources into innovation and activities to scale its vision for a decentralized mass travel framework, at first they are focusing on developing countries.

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Fawad Chaudhary additionally shared that the Ministry of Science and Technology is good to go to consent to an arrangement with the Punjab government for setting up a mega Bio-Technology Park.

He also wants to boost herbal medicine in Pakistan. Fawad Chaudary further speaks:

“We needed to make an air ambulances and drones for the agriculture with the assistance and the help of the Pakistan Air Force and other defense organizations and other defense institutions. For that, we also plan to take on board Pakistan Air Force, and other services and product drones so Mian Nawaz Sharif does not have to call an air ambulance from Qatar.”