Pakistani scientist developed world’s first eco-friendly aircraft engine. This engine is created by Dr. Sarah Qureshi, an alumna of the Nust and CEO of Aero Engine Craft (Pvt,Ltd), working on this project since 2018 and after a great efforts, she successfully build a Eco-Friendly Aircraft Engine to make our environment free from negative impacts of commercial airplane engines.

“when a plane flies, clouds-like contrails are created. These clouds are water vapors frigid around little particles that exist in airplane exhaust. These clouds cover the environment with emanations from planes, adding to a worldwide temperature alteration (global warming),” said by Dr. Sarah Qureshi

Nust alumna Sarah Qureshi did all her researches at Cranfield University, UK and proceed it further to build an aircraft assembling company called ‘Aero Engine Craft’. She aims to start working on full-scale commercial engine once a scaled-down version of commercial engines has been approved and tested.


This first eco-friendly aircraft engine will eliminate negative impact of commercial air carriers on stratosphere. She strongly believes that it is ignored by aviation industry to make environmentally safe aircraft engines and they only focused on making fuel-efficient engines. She further says, that this project requires a attention of Aviation industry as well.

Dr. Sarah shares that her father has played a vital role in her life and the meaningful force behind her company.  She also says that young entrepreneurs should learn how to manage time, it has more worth than money. Further she says to them not to follow trends but to follow their own passion, to achieve their goals.

Wheels Buster wishes Dr. Sarah Qureshi good luck for her upcoming future projects. We believe you on proven yourself a proficient individual who has the capacity to do great things in great manner.