Below is the list of cars having the best resale value in Pakistan, so if you are looking for a car, having a best resale value than consider these cars according to your budget.

1. Toyota Corolla:

toyota corolla in black color with open doors

Pakistan’s favorite sedan having best ever resell in Pakistan . Consumer in Pakistan have much rated the Corolla in terms of reselling category. If you owned Corolla than you can suppose a solid cash in your bank account. People of Pakistan much favor a corolla GLI and an XLI over a Honda City. Moreover, the company also kept the quality of its car and gained the trust of home-grown consumer.

Toyota Corolla is on top among the list of resale value. It makes a solid market in Pakistan sold 56,720 units in 2018-19.


2. Suzuki Mehran:

suzuki mehran in golden color

Suzuki Mehran aka ‘The Boss” is one of the best economic car in Pakistan having a mind-blowing resale value and strong market presence but unfortunately Mehran has less safety standards and build quality. It is by far still the cheapest car to maintain that’s why It is the most preferred vehicle in middle class category. Suzuki Mehran introduced on carburetor engine and in 2011, It converts to EFI Engine.

This is obvious from the way that in 2018-19, Suzuki sold 35,036 units of Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan.


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3. Suzuki Bolan:

suzuki bolan in white color

Suzuki Bolan is an extensive vehicle with plentiful backspace and eight seats seating limit and it is the fact that the Suzuki Bolan aka ‘Hiroof’ has an ideal resale esteem. Pak Suzuki did slightly changes only in the front and a fuel-injected engine rest all remain same in Bolans.

Did you know? that the current generation of Suzuki Bolan is the seventh generation of Suzuki Carry ST-90 model which was produced in 1979 to 1985 in international market moreover it was replaced by DA-71 Carry but unfortunately Pak Suzuki still produces ST-90 Bolan.

In the year 2016-17, Pak Suzuki sold its 14,938 units of Suzuki Bolan.


4. Suzuki Cultus:

suzuki cultus in grey color

20 Years ago, Suzuki Cultus was introduced in Pakistan. It was the second generation of Suzuki Swift, first was Suzuki Khyber in Pakistan. It was introduced with carburetor engine and in later 2007, Pak Suzuki change it to Efi engine and in September 2011, EURO 2 technology was introduced. At that time, Pak Suzuki offered Cultus in 16 various colors.

This generation of Cultus are prominent in the category of best resale value cars here in Pakistan that Pak Suzuki sold around 2,34,865 units of Cultus in Pakistan, excluding the stats of year 2016-17 which is not available yet.


5. Honda City:

honda city in grey color

Honda City in the category of 1300cc engine, The best resale Honda car in Pakistan, It is available in both automatic and manual variants with ultimate driving experience. Unfortunately, Atlas Honda skipped the 5th generation in Pakistan and producing this generation with slightly changes due to massive response and strong grip in market.

In 2017-18, Atlas Honda sold 19,120 units of Honda City in Pakistan.

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6. Suzuki Wagon R:

suzuki wagon r in golden color

Suzuki Wagon R was introduced in 2014 in a replacement of 1000cc Alto and it is one of the best selling car in Pakistan. Initially, its difficult for Wagon R to build its resale but later on people are accepting it like other Suzuki cars.

The sale of Suzuki Wagon R saw an expansion of up to 70 percent in Pakistan fiscal year 2017-18, just because of its much interest by the accomplices of ride-hailing companies like Careem and Uber.


So, above are the best resale value cars in Pakistan. If you think, we missed any car also having the best resale than write us here.