Recently Updated Petroleum Prices In Pakistan Today 2024

wef from 16 April 2024:

Petroleum Type Old Prices New Prices Difference
Petrol PKR 289.41 PKR 293.94 +4.53
High Speed Diesel [HSD] PKR 282.24 PKR 290.38 +8.14
Light Diesel Oil [LDO] PKR 166.86 PKR 166.86
Kerosene Oil PKR 188.86 PKR 188.66

How Many Types Of Petroleum Products In Pakistan?

In Pakistan, petroleum products are typically categorized into several types, which includes:

  • Petrol (Super): Used primarily as fuel for vehicles and motorbikes.
  • High-Speed Diesel (HSD): Used for diesel engine  vehicles, generators, and machinery.
  • Light Diesel Oil (LDO): Used in industries, agriculture, and small power plants.
  • Kerosene Oil: Kerosene Oil are used in a wide range of applications, such as fuel for oil lamps, cleaning chemicals/motors, jet fuel, heating oil, and for cooking (BBQ etc).
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG): Used for cooking, heating, and as a fuel in light vehicles.
  • Furnace Oil (FO): Used in industrial boilers, furnaces, and power plants.

1. Petrol Prices In Pakistan 2024:

In Pakistan, The current prices of petrol is 289.41/Ltr. This fuel has the wide use and it played a vital role in the inflation rate for example, if it increases, transportation fares suddenly affects which causes directly impact the cost of living for households, as prices for essential goods and services may rise. 

Petrol Prices In Pakistan

Moreover, Industries that rely heavily on transportation, such as the business of logistics, may experience higher operating costs. This could lead to reduced profit margins, potential layoffs, or even business closures.

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2. High Speed Diesel Prices in Pakistan 2024:

The current prices of High Speed Diesel is 282.24/Ltr in Pakistan. High Speed Diesel are commonly used on heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses and lorries to make them enable to run on 750 RPM because it has a higher mass density then normal fuel.

High Speed Diesel Prices in Pakistan

High costing high speed diesel affects the cost of transportation for imports and exports, potentially impacting the country’s trade balance also an increase in diesel prices can increase production costs for industries, potentially leading to higher prices for manufactured goods.

3. Light Speed Diesel Prices in Pakistan 2024:

Currently, the price of Light speed diesel is __ in Pakistan. Light Speed Diesel are generally under 750 RPM vehicles for example tractors, bulldozers, excavators, loaders, and cranes, may use Light Speed Diesel as fuel for their diesel engines.

Light Speed Diesel Prices in Pakistan

Increment in Light Speed Diesel also contribute to inflationary pressures in the economy because If its prices increase, it can affect the agricultural sector which is heavily relies on diesel for irrigation pumps, tractors, and transportation. Higher diesel prices can increase the cost of production for farmers, which may lead to reduced agricultural output and potentially higher food prices.

4. Kerosene Oil Prices in Pakistan 2024:

The recent prices of Kerosene Oil is ___ in Pakistan. Mainly, It is used to tune or services the motors, appliances, machines and for heating and cooking. It burns cleanly and efficiently, making it suitable for use in portable stoves, lamps, and heaters.

Kerosene Oil Prices in Pakistan

Kerosene oil is widely use in industrial processes, such as in the production of certain chemicals, solvents, and waxes. All in all, it is a valuable resource for various applications, particularly in situations where other forms of energy may be unavailable or impractical.

5. High Octane Petrol Prices in Pakistan 2024:

The OGRA does not regulate this fuel, which is why petrol pumps determine the prices of High Octane fuel. High Octane Petrol mostly use on high performance engines or we can say that the cars modified for the races and drifts purposes, as they are premium quality fuel giving performance benefits. Turbo and supercharged engines will most likely require higher octane fuel because they resist combustion better than regular petrol.

High Octane Petrol Prices

Can high octane petrol use on normal engines?

Using a high octane petrol on a normal engine cars only hurts your pocket else there is no harm on using it in normal engines however you can mix it 30% of High Octane Petrol with Normal (Super) Petrol to get better acceleration, avoid knocking issues and gets better performance.