What is Facelift of Car?

A facelift of car is basically an update on vehicle’s looks which includes exterior,interior and some times in mechanical segments mostly in the final year of its production. The essential focus to its exterior, a refreshed front end and the changes at the back of a design also freshen its look and give it an increasingly more appearance. In Pakistan, these successful facelift cars boosted the sales of those model and were considered more popular than the pre-facelift versions.

Below are the list of successful evergreen facelift cars in Pakistan.

Honda Civic 6th Generation Facelift:

In 1996, The sixth generation of Honda Civic was launched in Pakistan, It won the ‘Japanese car of the year’ award at that time, This generation also known as ‘EK’. In 1999, the facelift version was introduced, the most successful in the category of evergreen facelift cars in Pakistan.

honda civic 2000

The facelift version has a slightly different front look, crystal headlights, changing in bumper design, crystal large taillights. It was the first-ever locally-assembled Honda Civic having a sunroof in this version, The ‘Oriel’ term was given by Honda to its sunroof variants from that time.

Honda enthusiasts love to buy 6th generation Honda Civic (1999-2000) because of its decent design and giving an awesome look after some slight modifications.

Honda City 1st Generation Facelift:

The facelift version of 1st generation Honda City was introduced in 2000, this generation was also known as ‘SX8’. It was available between 2000 to 2003 sold more than twice contrasted with the marketing projections of its opponent Suzuki Baleno.


The facelift of SX8 carried a different front end, crystal headlights, changes in bumper design, and beautiful crystal tail lights. If we talk about interior changes then it has upgraded door panels and the steering wheel was also upgraded to a 4-spoke steering wheel. It has also a power window option in its ‘Exis’ variant.

In this facelift version, the Carburetor engine was replaced by Electronic Fuel injection (EFI) and an Automatic transmission was also available in its ‘Exis’ variant.

In the final year of production (2002-3), Honda sold 3,750 units of Honda City in Pakistan whereas its competitor, Suzuki Baleno (facelift) sold 2,589 units at that time.

Suzuki Baleno Facelift:

Suzuki Margalla was replaced by Suzuki Baleno in 1998. At that time, It was very complicated for Baleno to survive in the market.

In 2000, Suzuki Baleno’s sales were truly cut into the half when Honda introduced the City SX8 facelift. Subsequently, sales of Suzuki Baleno were decreased to only 1,485 units in 2000-01 and 1,191 out of 2001-02.

suzuki baleno

Pak Suzuki launched the Baleno facelift in 2002 with a smart front end and it was the first-ever local assembled 1300cc car to come with an Engine Immobilizer. Suzuki Baleno sales were immediately up as Pak Suzuki sold 2,590 units in 2002-03 which was double its pre-facelift version sales.

Suzuki Baleno remained only 8 years in the production line. The sales of Pre-facelift Suzuki Baleno (1998-2001) are 7,598 units however, the facelift variant of Baleno (2002-2005) sales 15,700 units which are more than twice the pre-facelift variant.

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Honda Civic 7th Generation Facelift:

The 7th generation of Honda Civic was launched in 2001. This generation also is known as ‘ES’. At that time, Toyota Corolla was in its 8th generation (Indus Corolla) and in 2002, The 9th generation of Corolla was launched offered a lot as compared to the 7th gen Civic.

Due to missing features like beige interior, Optitron speedometer, crystal headlamps, and led tail lights, the 7th gen Civic unable to compete with Corolla at that time. These features were later added to the 7th gen Civic in 2003 and as a result, the sales of Civic were slightly improved from 4,635 units to 6,090 units per year.

In 2004, The facelift version of the 7th gen Civic was introduced, called “Eagle Eye” in our market and it’s also a successful evergreen in the category of facelift cars in Pakistan. Facelift changes the complete front-end of 7th gen Civic with a more bold and aggressive look and this causes the boost in sales of 7th gen Civic from 6,090 units in 2003 to 12,356 in 2004.

Still today, This facelift 7th gen Civic has its own class in our market and Honda enthusiasts love to modify this vehicle.

Toyota Corolla 11th Generation Facelift:

Toyota Indus Motors (IMC) launched the 11th generation of Corolla in 2014, A massive jump in any Corolla’s exterior look and we can say a complete shape overall but unfortunately, Toyota did not give much attention to Corolla’s interior. Not up to the mark door panels and entertainment system was not much specious. It comes without an immobilizer which was a major reason for its thieving.

toyota corolla facelift

In August 2017, Toyota IMC launched the facelift version of the 11th generation Corolla with a sharp aggressive look. The changes made in the facelift version in its front bumper having a full-width black grill with round fog lamps, chrome garnish front grille, daytime running LED as well bi-beam LED projectors which makes it more stunning.

In the interior, The AC vents in the left and right corner became circular from triangular shapes. A simple entertainment system was replaced with a new 9-inch touch LCD. The instrument panel has been refreshed with an updated climate control panel with toggle-type buttons. If we talk about Corolla Altis Grande, then it has steering controls with audio control buttons, an Engine starts/stop push button, and paddle shifters.

The new Altis Grande facelift also equipped with an immobilizer key at that time and later on in 2018, the immobilizer key also added in Gli/Xli variants.

IMC sold more than 50k+ units of 11th Generation Corolla since 2014. However, due to the current economic situation, like any other car Toyota Corolla sales also down. In the first quarter, the fiscal year of 2019-2020, sales of Corolla badly down by -58% with just 5,500 units as compared to 13,198 units at the same time in the previous year. Corolla’s average sales in 2018-19 were 4,725 units and now only 1,839 units which is 61% not as much as that of the earlier year.

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Honda City 3rd Generation Facelift:

Atlas Honda launched Honda City’s third generation in 2009. At that time, it comes without prominent features like no armrest, no fog lamps, no high mount backstop lamp, even not a trunk light and the interior was fully grey without silver embellishments. In 2012, Honda introduces another version of City which is ‘Honda City Aspire’ and it offered keyless entry, alloy rims, built-in navigation screen, multimedia system, side glass indicators, and prosmatec transmission option.

Honda assembles this generation with slight changes like a front grille, door moldings, elegant tail lights, chrome door handles, rear reflectors, and the most favorite, shark fin antenna.

In the period of 11 years, This is the only car got the most number of facelifts since 2017, Atlas Honda has launched two facelifts versions of this City as it captures a massive market. Its being in production since 2009.

Atlas Honda sales 47,424 units in 2017 and in 2018-19, The sales of both Civic and City were down for the next 10 months till Nov 19 and on Oct 19, the sales of both vehicles were affected badly due to several taxes and increase in prices.


Above you read the successful facelifts or evergreen facelifts cars in Pakistan, so according to you, which one has been the best ever successful facelift you have ever witnessed in our market?