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When discussing Honda’s history in Pakistan, Honda Atlas founded the company in November 1992, opened the assembly plant in April 1993, and rolled out the first car off the line in May 1994. Six showrooms had opened in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad by July 1994. Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan is a Pakistani automobile manufacturer that is a licensee of the Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda. Based in Lahore, Pakistan, it is a joint venture between Honda Motor and Atlas Group.

Honda Civic Generations in Pakistan
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Honda Civic was launched in Pakistan in 1994 and got a massive response in our local market. With time, Pakistani Youth have shown much love and affection for this car, and our car enthusiasts love to modify this car according to their tastes and levels.

Honda Civic (5th Generation / 1991-1995)

honda civic 5th generation in pakistan

Internationally, Honda introduced this generation in 1991 and produced it until 1995, but in Pakistan, locally assembled units were available only from 1994 to 1995. This generation is also known as the “Honda Civic Dolphin” in our local market. Initially, CBU units came with a 1300cc carburetor engine but in November 1994, Honda Atlas started producing locally assembled 5th generation Civic with a 1500cc carburetor engine with a 5-speed manual transmission. There is no Automatic variant available in that generation. Additionally, the CBU unit also has a sunroof whereas locally assembled has no sunroof. This generation got more attention when it is featured in the movie “Fast and Furious” released in 2001. The 5th generation Honda Civic was one of the most popular cars in our country, not only because of its beauty and driving experience but also because of the huge number of customization options it provided.

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Honda Civic (6th Generation / 1996-2000)

In January 1996, the 5th Generation of the Honda Civic was replaced with the 6th Generation also known as ‘EK’.  This generation also won the ‘Car of the Year award in Japan due to its bold styling, enhanced sporty look, and crystal headlamps. The 6th generation Civic became the first locally built car in Pakistan to utilize variable EFI valve timing engines. It offered 1.6L VTi and 1.5L conventional fuel-injected engines (EXi) with both manual and automatic transmission options.

Honda Civic (6th Generation / 1996-2000)

Three years later, in 1999, Honda Atlas introduced a Facelifted version of the 6th generation in our market, enhancing its exterior design. In this version, they added a sunroof, making it the first-ever locally-assembled Honda Civic to have one. Honda coined the term ‘Oriel’ for its sunroof variants from that time.

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Honda Civic (7th Generation / 2001-2006)

In Pakistan, they introduced the 7th Generation Honda Civic in 2001, and it remained in production until its facelift version in 2005-6, known as ‘ES’. Initially, This generation got a mature look that’s why it got less response than expected. Civic enthusiasts thought that the 7th generation had lost the Civic genes, and it wasn’t very popular among them because of limited modification options. It was, however, a true family car with a high level of comfort and a sophisticated drive.

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In our Local market, This generation was available with the option of 1.5L Exi and 1.6L Vti with both manual(5-speed Manual) and automatic(4 Speed Automatic) gear options. At that time, they introduced ‘Prosmatic’ technology in this Civic Generation. The ‘Prosmatec’ transmission provides a smooth ride when ascending or descending hills because the system evaluates driving conditions based on throttle opening and acceleration, and ideally adjusts the timing of gear shifts. So we can say that Honda introduced this major technology at that time.

Honda Civic history

In 2004, they introduced a ‘Facelifted’ Version of this Generation in our market, and it became the ‘Game Changer’ of Civic. Got a huge response and boost in sale, due to its dynamic front-end, and larger crystal headlights, After EK9, This facelift was once again one of the best-looking Civics available which is termed as “Eagle-eye” in our local market.

Honda Civic (8th Generation / 2006-2012)

Honda Civic (8th Generation / 2006-2012)

Honda Atlas introduced this generation, known as ‘FD,’ back in 2006, replacing the 7th generation and remaining in production until 2012. They totally come ‘out of the box’ in the design and structure of this generation. Replacing the 1.5L and 1.6L with its 1.8L (R18) Engine available in both manual and automatic gear options.

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The two-level cluster panel with digital speedometer, opposite moving wipers, Immobilizer Key, and Airbags debuted in the 8th generation Civic. The main drawback of this generation is only its Fuel Average, because of 1.8L engine without ECO mode. It has the worst average otherwise, this generation has its charm in all aspects whether it is exterior, interior, or performance. Honda chose “Reborn” in its marketing campaign, and it became so popular that it became permanently associated with this generation of Civic.

Honda Civic (9th Generation / 2012-2016)

9th Generation Honda Civic has the most sophisticated, mature look as compared to its previous generation which is why this generation got less response, and less fame Meanwhile, this generation has its own fan base due to its interior which is a more modern look as compared to its exterior.

Honda Civic (9th Generation / 2012-2016)

In Pakistan, they introduced this generation in 2012, replacing the ‘Reborn’ and offering both manual and automatic gear options. This generation earned the nickname ‘Rebirth’ or ‘Triborn,’ but internationally, it is known as ‘FB.’ They introduced Honda’s Eco Assist technology (ECO Mode) in this generation, which assists the driver in adopting a more fuel-efficient driving style, making the car more fuel-efficient and economical compared to its predecessor.

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Honda Civic (10th Generation / 2016-2022)

This generation features a redesigned interior with a modern look, marking the end of the multi-level speedometer journey from the last two generations. Honda introduced the 10th Generation of the Honda Civic in Pakistan in July 2016, and it received a warm welcome across the country. The C-pillar flows into the tailgate, giving the car a new fastback look. They developed it on a new compact global platform with enhanced dimensions. This Generation usually known as “Civic X” really helped Honda around the globe to boost its sales. It also won several International automotive awards. Initially, Honda Atlas launched two versions of this Civic in Pakistan: a 1.5L Turbo and a 1.8L naturally aspirated unit. However, when they introduced the 1.5L Turbo Civic in Pakistan, they discontinued it immediately due to engine-knocking issues experienced by consumers.

Honda Civic (9th Generation / 2012-2016)

In 2019, It was re-introduced as “Civic RS-Turbo” when issues were addressed. In 1.5L Turbo Civic, the rear Infotainment System along with rear AC Vents in the central console was also introduced.

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Honda Civic (11th Generation / 2022-Present)

Honda launched the 11th-gen Civic in 2021 with a completely redesigned, sportier exterior and interior, featuring a wider stance, longer hood, and shorter rear deck. It also has a new front grille and headlights and redesigned taillights. They offer three different models, but all of them utilize the same 1.5L turbocharged engine. They use a CVT gearbox in all variations to transmit power to the front wheels.

honda civic 11th generation

The interior of the new Civic is more spacious and features a minimalist design with a clean dashboard and a large 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system. The Type R version features unique sporty seats and a sports steering wheel. Driver and passenger airbags, ABS with EBD, Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Hill Assist Control, Cruise Control, engine immobilizer, and a rearview camera are all included in the standard and Oriel variations’ safety features. In addition to the mentioned features, the top-of-the-line RS model comes equipped with Honda Sensing, a suite of driver assistance features that includes Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lead Car Departure Warning, and Traffic Sign Recognition.

In October 2023, the Honda Atlas introduced a Hard-top(without sunroof) variant in 1.5L known as EXI with a Price of 77,49,000/=. It comes without cruise control, push start, and manual climate control.

Overall, the new Honda Civic 11th generation is a significant upgrade from the previous generation, offering a sportier design, a more spacious interior, and advanced safety features.