Honda Civic Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda Civic is the premier product of Honda Atlas in Pakistan. Initially, It was imported till 1992, and from 1993, Honda Atlas started its production. This car is the most favorite in terms of modification because our young generation has shown much affection and love for this car.

Honda civic price in pakistan

Honda Civic Generations in Pakistan showcase a legacy of reliability, performance, and evolving design trends that people always love to welcome the Civic throughout its generation warmly. Currently, the 11th Generation Honda Civic is available only in a 1.5L Turbocharged engine option along with CVT transmission in both Oriel and RS variants.

Variant Ex-Factory Price
Honda Civic Oriel PKR 8,659,000
Honda Civic RS  PKR 9,899,000

Honda City Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda City is purely an urban drive car as the name already suggests “City”. It was arrived in 1997 in our local automotive market. Since then, It has been the prime choice in the B-Segment sedan category. In the 1990s, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla were the only choice in the sedan category including Suzuki Margalla however, Honda City broke the record of Suzuki Margalla in terms of selling from 6000 units to 3000 units per year.

Honda City Price in Pakistan

In Asian Market, Honda wanted to provide consumers with an affordable sedan with a driving experience and performance similar to the Honda Civic this idea got a massive response from the Asian market and consumers started to be attracted to this Car more often. Initially, It was introduced with a 1.3L D13B engine and a fuel-injected 1.5L D15B Carburettor engine, and later on in 1999, from the facelift of Honda City Sx8, It came with an EFI engine in both manual and automatic variants. Till then, Honda City has been one of the favorite sedans of Pakistani consumers. The current generation of Honda City is available in 1.2L and 1.5L engine options with Manual and CVT transmission including Aspire variants.

Variant Ex-Factory Price
Honda City 1.2L M/T PKR 4,649,000
Honda City 1.2L CVT  PKR 4,689,000
Honda City 1.5L CVT PKR 5,439,000
Honda City 1.5L Aspire CVT PKR 5,849,000

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Honda BR-V Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda BR-V is a 7-seater MPV introduced in April 2017 in Pakistan. Initially, It was offered in two variants CVT at a price tag of PKR 22.29 Laca and CVT-S at a price tag of PKR 23.29 Lacs. After a year, it was also launched in Manual transmission at PKR 20.99 lacs. At that time, Toyota Avanza and Suzuki APV were the only options available in CBU Units while BR-V was the first locally assembled MPV in Pakistan this thing favored BR-V and within a few years BR-V got a massive response from consumers but the sales eventually declined, when Honda Atlas increases its price.

Honda brv price in pakistan

Unfortunately, Honda Atlas has still rolled out this first generation since 2017 and we see no hope for a second generation of Honda BR-V in Pakistan. Sticking with the first generation, could not be very beneficial for the Honda Atlas which has average monthly sales of fewer than 50 units only.

Variant Ex-Factory Price
Honda BR-V i-VTEC-S (CVT) PKR 6,299,000

Honda HR-V Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda HR-V also known as “Honda Vezel” in Japanese domestic market was introduced __in Pakistan. Firstly, the first generation of Honda HR-V was introduced back in 2016 but due to poor sales graph, It was immediately discontinued because consumers were attracted to the imported JDM Vezel (HR-V) that has many more features as compared to the local one and price was also less than the local one. Although the imported one is in used condition people still prefer the imported one as it has a better build quality than locally assembled Vezel. In 2018, it was at PKR 42.44 but no one was interested as it was eventually discontinued.

honda hr-v price in pakistan

In Pakistan, Honda Atlas launched the third generation of Honda HR-V (Vezel) and it is the RV iteration. The design is notably coupe-inspired, having a slopped rear hatch with a dashboard design inspired by the 11th Gen Honda Civic. The third generation of HR-V is an available 1.5L engine option producing 121Hp and 145Nm of torque. Unfortunately, there is no hybrid or turbocharged variant introduced in Pakistan. Honda HR-V is currently offered only in two variants which are VTI and VTI-S in Automatic CVT transmissions.

Variant Ex-Factory Price
Honda HR-V VTi PKR 7,649,000
Honda HR-V VTi-S  PKR 7,899,000


In October 2023, Honda Atlas gave a huge decrement in Honda car prices in Pakistan and it was up to PKR 300,000/=. In March 2024, Honda Ones again decreased its price but this time only on the selected model of Honda City which is 1.2L. The only reason for this price reduction on these two models is that the GST on them has increased. Honda Pakistan has lowered its rates to prevent a decline in its sales.

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Honda History in Pakistan

Honda Motor Company Limited Japan and the Atlas Group of Companies Pakistan started a joint venture namely Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited in November 1992. The first locally assembled Honda car was rolled out on May 26, 1994. The business is also listed on the stock exchanges in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

Honda Atlas Cars started car bookings in July 1994 at six dealerships in the main cities which are Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, and currently thirty-eight 3S, seventeen 2S, and five 1S dealerships working all over Pakistan.