Car Body Kits

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Buy Online Car Body kits in Pakistan

Car Body kits are a set of modified exterior body parts or additional components installed on a stock car. Typically composed of front and rear bumpers extensions, side skirts, and car spoilers.

1. What is a widebody kit?

A widebody kit is a set of aftermarket body panels designed to increase the width of a car’s body typically done by adding wider fenders to give more space to fatter tires. Keep in mind that if you’re replacing body panels, you’ll want to pay special attention to the fit and quality when installing the fenders.

2. Is body kit good for car?

People bought car body kits from Wheels Buster to change the appearance and give sportier and aggressive look to there cars moreover, for performance or tuned cars, it plays a major role for performance boost resulting in less drag and better handling.

3. Are Fiber Glass body kits good?

Yes, Fiber glass body kits are good for cars as they are light weight and it doesn’t affects fuel mileage of cars but keep in mind that they are in rough condition initially, means they are in row form and required paint. After paint job, it comes in final look which makes your car more aesthetic.