Angel Eyes Fog Lights


Angel Eyes Fog Lights Available with Projector Lens

Universally fit in any Car (Corolla, Alto, Baleno, Wagon R, Swift, etc)

Delivery all over Pakistan.


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Pay deposit/advance 30% per item


Angel Eyes Fog Lights are designed to shine down under the fog, lighting the lane. The Headlights are deeply cut off so that it won’t work into the fog and reflect off the sun. It is placed below the headlight and is intended to emit a large light beam that is shaped like a “bar”, with a sharp cutoff at the top to prevent the fog from reflecting.

How Angel Eyes Fog Lights Works?

In many parts of the world, fog is a daily occurrence, especially near large bodies of water. Tiny water droplets or ice crystals may float in the air,  just over the surface of the ground, when the conditions are correct. The tiny water droplets or ice crystals decrease visibility even more by reflecting light that reaches them, in addition to acting like clouds and blocking your vision. This makes it frustrating and unsafe to drive through fog with headlights and especially on high beams.
In order to let you see the road through the fog, factory-equipped fog lights, normally in the lower bumper cover on most vehicles, but if it’s not installed then you should install aftermarket good quality fog lamps on your vehicle. Since the fog lights aren’t just reflecting light back, other drivers are more aware of your presence out on the road, making for a second safety benefit.

What’s your Payment Method for Pakistan?

You have to pay 30% of the total amount in advance through JazzCash, EasyPaisa (03321023885), and the rest of the amount is to be paid on Delivery (Cash on Delivery) to the courier. For any Help, WhatsApp At 03321023885

What’s your Delivery Time in Pakistan?

It may deliver within 7 to 10 days maximum. We are delivering our products through Leopard Courier. Do you accept International Orders? Yes, we ship worldwide at the buyer’s expense. We deliver internationally through FedEx or any Private courier agency that delivered across the border. It may take 20 to 25 days to be delivered. For further details please WhatsApp us or Contact us through our Facebook Page.

Payment method for International Buyers?

RightNow for the payment of international orders, We are using only Payoneer. Also, International buyers can pay in Advance through Wire Transfer. For further queries, please WhatsApp us or Contact us through our Facebook Page.
Still, have any queries related to the product? feel free to ask us on our Facebook Page or contact us here

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