A movable panel installed in the roof of a car that can be opened or closed to allow light and air into the passenger compartment is known as a ‘Sunroof’. Usually, manufacturers make it from glass or other transparent materials which can be manually or electronically operated. They come in various types, including pop-up, sliding, panoramic, or moonroof depending on the type of vehicle either sedan, hatchback, SUV, or cross-over. They are offering different levels of openness and visibility. Let’s discuss the different advantages and disadvantages of sunroof in this article.

1. Is It Good To Have A Sunroof In A Car?

Having a sunroof in a car is an owner’s choice or preference. Mostly, Automotive Companies offer sunroofs in top-of-the-line car variants with various other additional options compared to base variants. The sunroof in a car gives an aesthetic view of the car from the top, enhancing its exterior looks and appealing appearance.

The sunroof in a car can elevate the driving sensation, creating a more airy and welcoming atmosphere within the cabin. It provides an attractive view of the sky and surroundings during the driving.

Advantages Of Sunroof:

  • The most prominent advantage of a sunroof is that on summer days, With the help of a sunroof, we can improve the cabin ventilation as compared to rolling down the windows through which the heat in a car escapes immediately and the performance of Air-Condition would be better.
  • In the winter season or the places, where the climate always remains cold, a sunroof during daylight hours brightens the cabin, creating a well-illuminated and cheerful atmosphere that enhances the driving experience.

  • If you want to leave the windows down, the rushing wind noise can be quite disruptive, making it challenging to engage in conversation with fellow passengers. In such instances, the sunroof proves beneficial as it effectively minimizes noise while ensuring the car remains well-ventilated with a steady flow of fresh air.

  • Let’s suppose your car gets into an accident and the doors of your car are jammed so with the help of a sunroof, you can escape from the car by climbing through it safely.

  • The sunroof probably increases the resale value of a car. Most of the buyers preferred cars that have a sunroof in their budget.

Disadvantages Of Sunroof:

  • Maintenance of the Sunroof is quite expensive. Since it is made up of glass if it breaks or is damaged, the cost of replacement/repair is high.

  • Time by time when the car gets old, It starts leaking frequently when you wash the car or park outside in rainy weather. This thing gets you in trouble every time so you have to take very good care of the Sunroof’s motors, rubbers, electrical components, and glass.

  • Sunroof has a lot of weight which is one of the main factors in decreasing your car’s mileage. It usually weighs around 26 to 32KG and the panoramic sunroof has around 92KG.

  • People stand up with their heads out or arms out of the sunroof which is extremely dangerous for any individual. It is also distracting for the driver as they lose focus on the road which may cause any dangerous incidents.

2. Can I Install Sunroof In My Car?

Having a company-fitted sunroof in a car has no issues so far if you care about it but if your car doesn’t have a genuinely installed sunroof, then we will never suggest you install one after-market sunroof. As it requires a lot of professionalism to install. Installing an aftermarket sunroof may affect the resale value of your car strongly. Potential buyers never bought a car that has an aftermarket sunroof installed. 

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3. Why do people like sunroofs so much?

Sunroofs provide a sense of connection to the outdoors while remaining inside the car. This is particularly enjoyable on pleasant days when drivers and passengers want to experience a bit of the outdoor environment without fully opening the windows. 

Why do people like sunroofs so much?
Driving with a sunroof open gives a vibe of freedom. It breaks down the barriers between the enclosed space of the car and the outside world, contributing to a more enjoyable driving experience.

4. Is the Moonroof the Same As the Sunroof?

Moonroofs are often larger than traditional sunroofs, providing a more expansive view of the outside. Similar to sunroofs, moonroofs can be operated manually or electronically and may have features like tilting or sliding.

5. How Do Sunroof Drains?

Sunroof drains serve the essential role of diverting water away from the car’s interior. Typically located in the corners of the sunroof well, these drains consist of small tubes connected to the sunroof assembly. When it rains or the car is washed, water accumulates in the sunroof channel, and the drains direct it downward through the vehicle’s frame or pillars. Clogged drains can lead to water overflowing inside the vehicle, causing potential damage to the interior. Periodic checks and proper care help ensure that sunroof drains function optimally.