In Pakistan, it really becomes difficult to drive a car especially in prominent cities like Karachi and Lahore due to massive traffic and impropriety ways of driving. Many people face daily routine traffic on their way to offices and homes. This is the main reason; people became crabby and disheartened nowadays. That’s why people preferred a small hatchback car over a sedan especially working women. According to the survey, Females feel very comfortable driving a small hatch-back car in traffic because of easy handling. They easily managed to drive small cars in traffic as well as on straits roads. Below is the list of the 10 most suitable cars for women in Pakistan.

1. Suzuki Mehran:

Suitable Cars for Women in Pakistan suzuki mehran

Suzuki Mehran aka ‘The Boss’ is a renowned hatchback locally assembled vehicle in Pakistan, equipped with an 800cc manual engine. A fuel-efficient economical vehicle, easy to maintain, and cheap spare parts which are easily available in every corner of the city. One best thing about Suzuki Mehran is, it has the best resale value. It will never disappoint you whenever you are going to sell it but the negative point of Suzuki Mehran is, it has No Comfort if you looking for a car having a comfortable drive then Mehran is not for you. The positive point of Suzuki Mehran is its price, you can find a good old model Mehran starting from 1,50 Lacs to a maximum of 8 lacs if you are moving towards up models according to your budget. It will be the best car for females if they have a very low budget.

2. Daihatsu Cuore:

Suitable Cars for Women in Pakistan daihatsu cuore

The First-generation of Daihatsu Cuore was introduced in 2000 in Pakistan. After 12 years of the production period, Daihatsu halted the production of Cuore in 2012.  It’s a front-wheel (fwd) 800cc hatchback small car available in both manual and automatic options. Daihatsu Cuore is also known as Daihatsu Mira in the international market. A reliable fuel-efficient hatchback car with cheap maintenance same as Mehran, Cuore also easy to manage in traffic especially by ladies. Daihatsu Cuore has a good road grip, handling, and comfort level as compared to its competitor Mehran. Spare parts also available at cheap rates from anywhere. It also has good resale value. You can find a good condition of Daihatsu Cuore from the range of 4,50 lacs to 6,50 depending on its condition and model. So far the best car for females.

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3. Chevrolet Joy:

chevrolet joy

The first generation of Chevrolet Joy was introduced in 2005. A front wheel (fwd) 1000cc manual engine hatchback car. Chevrolet Joy was designed and assembled by the South Korean maker Daewoo and was later rebadged and sold by Chevrolet as the Chevrolet Joy. The prominent features in Chevrolet Joy are power steering, power windows, defogger, cup holders, remote boot/fuel-lid. According to Joy owners, The fuel average of this vehicle is not much good you may get 9-10 without Ac and in long 11-12 however, it has a good smart look better than other hatchback cars of the same class. The spare parts are a bit expensive but available. The resell of Chevrolet is just fine. You can get a good Chevrolet Joy in between 4 lacs to 5,60 according to its condition.

4. Toyota Passo:

toyota passo Suitable Cars for Women in Pakistan

A comfortable and reliable hatchback Toyota car equipped with a 1000cc automatic engine. The prominent features in Toyota Passo are power windows, power steering, defogger, remote boot, tachometer, adjustable headlights, cup holders, airbags depending on its variant and model. It’s a fuel-efficient vehicle giving around 12-15 in the city and 17-20 on long. Passo will also be you’re a great partner in massive traffic due to its comfort level, best handling, good Ac performance. Toyota Passo never disappoints you with its resell value. Spare parts of Passo has a comparatively high price.  A good condition Toyota Passo will cost you around 9 lacs to 18 lacs depending on its condition, model, and variant. We can that Toyota Passo is one of the best suitable cars for females.

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5. Toyota Vitz:

"Suitable Cars for Women in Pakistan

Also known as “Toyota Yaris” in the International market. Available in 1000cc,1300cc and 1500cc engine options depends on package/variant offer in Vitz. It’s a subcompact hatch-back front wheel (fwd) automatic car having features of power windows, power steering, airbags, retractable mirrors, Abs brakes depending on its package/variant. A mind-blowing comfortable car for women due to its easy handling, good Ac performance, and easy to manage in traffic. Spare parts of Toyota Vitz easily available at normal to high prices, it depends on. If we talk about its fuel average, then according to owners It gives a fuel average of 12-14 in the city and 15-16 on long. The resell of Toyota Vitz is also good. You can get a good condition Toyota Vitz around 9 lacs to 20 lacs depends on its model, variant, and condition.

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6. Suzuki Swift:

suzuki swift

The second generation of Suzuki Swift was introduced in 2010 by Pak Suzuki. A front-wheel (fwd) subcompact 1300cc car is available in both automatic and manual options. It has two variants in the market, one is DLX navigation and the other one is DLX automatic navigation. It has power steering, power window, defogger, tachometer, Cup Holders, remote boot, and a good Ac performance like all other premium sector hatch-back cars but unfortunately, Swift has no Airbags if we talk about safety. Suzuki Swift gives an average of 12-15 in the city and 15-17 on the long. Parts are not much cheaper. Recently, Pak Suzuki decided to discontinue this generation. It might be possible that Pak Suzuki finally decided to introduce the 3rd generation of Swift in Pakistan. In 2011-12, Second generation Suzuki Swift reached its highest sales ever, selling more than 7000 units in a year. Indeed, the best car for working women having a great resale value. You can get a good condition, Suzuki Swift, from 13 lacs to 19 lacs depending on its model.

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7. Suzuki Cultus:

Most Suitable Cars for Women in Pakistan suzuki cultus

Pak Suzuki launched the third generation of Suzuki Cultus 1000cc in April 2017 which is globally known as “Suzuki Celerio”. This generation of Cultus completely changed the whole prospectus of Suzuki Cultus in Pakistan. Suzuki revitalized the whole framework of Cultus and made it more sophisticated. Suzuki launched two variants in the new Cultus which are VXR and VXL(top of the line) both come with manual options however, Pak Suzuki launched an Automatic variant in the new Cultus, know as “Cultus AGS”. Cultus comes with airbags, power steering, power windows, fog lights, and an Abs brake (depends on variant). The fuel economy of Cultus is 14-15 in the city and for long 17-18. Spare parts are easily available at normal prices and as it is a Suzuki car, Resell is also good. You can get a good used Suzuki Cultus starting from 15 lacs to 20 lacs depending on its variant and model.

8. Suzuki Alto:

10 Most Suitable Cars for Women in Pakistan new suzuki alto

Pak Suzuki launched the 8th generation of Suzuki Alto in June 2019. A 660cc car is available in both manual and automatic options. It has three variants, namely Alto VX, Alto VXR, and Alto VXL. Alto VX accompanies power steering, keyless entry, central door locking, power windows, and unfortunately without AC. Suzuki Alto VXR comes with 2 airbags, power steering, keyless entry, air conditioner, and central door locking. The top of the line variant Suzuki Alto VXL comes with ABS brakes, Auto Gear Shift (AGS), 2 airbags, an air conditioner, and numerous other noticeable features. According to owners, New Suzuki Alto gives an average of 17.5 -18 in the city and 19-20 on long. Parts are easily available at normal prices and as it belongs to the Suzuki family, the Resell value of the Suzuki Alto will never disappoint you, it will cost you around 13 lacs to 16 lacs depending upon its condition, variant, and model. we can say that this Alto is ideally the best suitable car for working women.


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9. FAW V2:

faw v2

The first Generation FAW V2 2020 was presented in 2014 by Al-Haj FAW Motors. The FAW V2 is a front-wheel-drive (fwd) hatchback car. it is available only in 1 variant which is V2 VCT-I. The first Generation FAW V2 2020 has been in production in Pakistan since 2014. FAW V2 2020 cost in Pakistan is Rs.15.7 lacs. Despite the fact that FAW V2 has likewise seen various price revisions during this time, but so far it remains the best value for money locally assembled hatchback available in Pakistan. FAW V2 is equipped with a 1.3-liter VCT-I engine, Dual Airbags, ABS with EBD, Alloy Wheels, Power Windows, Electric Power Steering, Central Locking, and Immobilizer. The only thing which is missing in FAW V2 is the absence of automatic transmission, which may boost the sales of V2 if the company offers. It gives an average of 13-15 in the city and 18-20 on long. You can get a good FAW V2 from 12 lacs to 16 lacs according to its condition and model.

10. KIA Picanto:

kia picanto

South Korean manufacturer Kia Motors producing KIA Picanto since 2004. KIA Lucky Motors introduced the highly anticipated 2nd generation of KIA Picanto in September 2019 with a starting price of 1899000/=. It’s a subcompact 1000cc hatch-back car available in both manual and automatic options. The build quality of KIA Picanto is superior as compared to its competitor vehicles like Cultus, Wagon R, and Alto. The prominent features in KIA Picanto are power windows, power steering, air conditioner, defogger, remote boot/fuel-lid, tachometer, cup-holders, 12V power outlet, 2 airbags, ABS Brakes, and much more. As per the claim by owners, KIA Picanto can give an average of  15-16 within the city and 17-20 on long.  Price of spare parts is slightly high and the Resell value of Picanto is also good and most probably it will get an instant spike in upcoming days.


So ladies, above you read the most suitable best cars for women, Must comment below if you found the best suitable one according to your budget and style. We must say that don’t forget to wear a seatbelt whenever you are about to drive and always drive with a peaceful mind and follow all the rules and regulations as a part of a good citizen. Must mention the “L” (Learning) on your back screen if you are in the learning phase to know other drivers so they will be more careful.