Most of the time nicknames become more popular than the real name. The same thing happened with some of the renowned cars here in Pakistan and they got more fame with these interesting names. Around the world, cars are famous for multiple reasons such as fuel efficiency, maintenance, and performance but in Pakistan, cars are famous for the basis of multiple reasons such as marketing campaigns, looks that may resemble any animal or any object that has a shape similar to that particular model of car. Below is the list of famous nicknames of cars in Pakistan that are permanently associated with them.

1. Volkswagon Beetle – Foxy

This Volkswagon model is named Beetle as the shape of this car much resembles with bug. Volkswagon Beetle is popularly known as “Foxy” in Pakistan however, it doesn’t look like a “Fox”. Might be, that the car got the name “Foxy” in short because Volkswagen is pronounced as “faux vagn” in German.

Volkswagon Beetle - Foxy

From our childhood, we heard its name ‘Foxy’ and later on we were surprised to know that the real name of this vehicle is “Volkswagon Beetle” Still today, people love to call it ‘Foxy’. Vintage Car Enthusiasts love to modify or restore this car as the shape of this car is very attractive and still, in today’s era this car captures the attention of people on the road.

2. Daihatsu Charade – Anda Charade

This was the 3rd Generation of Charade introduced in 1987 known as G100. It was the time when Computer Aided Design (CAD) started implementing automotive design and development.

Daihatsu Charade - Anda CharadeThis Charade was one of the finest examples of that development having a roundish 80s aesthetic design with its smooth side lines slopping style with large cabin space. People started calling it “Anda (Egg) Charade” and till today, this nickname is associated with this generation of charades. Car Enthusiasts love this Charade in terms of modifications, and engine swapping for the drag race as it has a wider space under the hood and can be upgraded according to the taste of the modifier.

3. Suzuki Mehran – The Boss

This car doesn’t need any introduction, Most of us started learning to drive a car in Suzuki Mehran. Due to capturing the hatchback market, Pak Suzuki kept it in production for almost 30 Years with slight changes to its appearance for example headlights, grills, and bumper. It got EFi in 2012 just because of the Auto Policy released by the Government of Pakistan. 

Suzuki Mehran - The Boss

Mehran aka ‘The Boss’ creates its place in the hearts of people due to its low-maintenance cost, easy parts availability, and its resale value because of these reasons, people drive this car rough tough without much thinking of its mechanical works, that’s why people name it as “Boss”.

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4. Suzuki Alto – Dinky

Suzuki Alto 8th Generation was introduced in June 2019 in the replacement of Suzuki Mehran aka ‘The Boss’. Previously, it was available only in CBU units (Imported) and right now, this Dinky Alto is on the list of Pakistan’s best-selling cars.

best car for women

Due to its size and the factor of lightweight, People started calling it “Dinky” as it means ‘Tiny or small’ and this name gained popularity and became permanently labeled with this Alto.

5. Suzuki Bolan – Carry Dabba

In 1979, Suzuki introduced a vehicle named ‘Suzuki Carry,’ which later became associated with the nickname “Dabba” due to its box-like shape and lack of features. People began referring to it as “Carry Dabba.” Originally, it bore the name ST-90 Carry Hi-roof.

Suzuki Bolan - Carry Dabba

The only prominent thing about this car is it helps people earn money differently and has nothing more special. That’s why the resale value of the Suzuki Bolan is among in best resale value cars in Pakistan.

6. Honda City – Chooha City

In the used car market of Pakistan, dealers or brokers give the title of “Chooha (Rat) City” to the 4th Generation of IDSI Honda City. It sounds weird but what if we tell you that some of the dealers started calling it “Istree” (Electric Iron) at that time?

Honda City - Chooha CityThe word ‘Chooha’ gained more fame, and people in Pakistan renamed this generation ‘Chooha City’ due to its tilting windshield. The windshield nearly reaches the same angle as its bonnet, giving the car the appearance of a lying rat.

7. Honda Civic – Dolphin

The sleek design of the front and side profiles, along with a flat hood, earned the Honda Civic 5th Generation the nickname “Civic Dolphin” in Pakistan, as it resembles the face of a dolphin head.

Honda Civic - DolphinInitially, this name was given to the Lancer 4th generation in the late 80s but later on in 1992 when Honda introduced this generation in Pakistan, it got labeled “Dolphin” and it became permanently associated with this generation. Car enthusiasts adore this car for its appealing shape, making it a favorite for projects and modifications.

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8. Honda Civic – Cat Eye

Honda introduced the 7th Generation Civic in 2001 and continued production until 2005. Initially, the company introduced the pre-facelift, but it didn’t receive as much attention as its previous generations due to its mature shape and limited features compared to the Corolla at that time. Due to its simple ovally shaped headlights, and innocence-front look, Car Enthusiasts started calling it “Cat Eye” and this nickname became famous in Pakistan with this model of Civic.

Honda Civic (7th Generation / 2001-2006)9. Honda Civic – Eagle Eye

Honda introduced the 7th Generation facelift in 2004 with more features than its pre-facelift as it upgraded with crystal front and backlights. Due to its large dynamic crystal headlights, Civic Enthusiasts started calling it “Eagle Eye” because of its aggressive and sportier front look. At that time, ‘Cat Eye’ Civic owners started selling their cars to get a facelift version and some car modifiers started converting pre-facelift into a facelift version.

10. Honda Civic – Reborn

This generation of the Civic was a game-changer, earning the marketing label “Reborn” from Honda Atlas because of major upgrades, such as a larger shape, a digital speedometer with a two-level cluster panel, airbags, opposing windscreen wipers, and an immobilizer key.

Honda Civic (8th Generation / 2006-2012)

The first-ever locally-assembled Civic with a 1.8L R series (R18) engine producing 140hp. The word “Reborn” became so famous after its marketing campaigns and then this Honda Civic Generation was permanently labeled as Honda Civic Reborn in Pakistan.

11. Honda Civic – Rebirth / Triborn

In September 2012, Honda introduced the 9th generation Civic in Pakistan, showcasing a prominent feature: Honda’s Eco Assist Technology. It is a system that tells drivers to adopt fuel-efficient driving manners.

Honda Civic (9th Generation / 2012-2016)

After the hype of Civic Reborn, Car enthusiasts gave the title of “Rebirth or Triborn” to this generation as it was a successor of the Civic Reborn but unfortunately, The ‘Civic Rebirth’ ended up being the least popular Civic model overall at that time. But if we talk about today, this generation has surpassed the demand, and people have come to realize the worth of this Civic generation. Car enthusiasts started modifying it in the same manner as they did with previous generations.

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12. Honda Civic X – Lifafa

In 2016, Honda introduced the 10th Gen of Civic in Pakistan. Everything was going fine until a renowned car enthusiast and co-founder of Pakwheels Mr.Suneel Munj gave the name “Lifafa” to this generation in his one Lamborghini Gallardo owner’s review. According to him, this car doesn’t sustain high speed and it starts shaking at above 200 speed.

Famous Nicknames of Cars In Pakistan

From that day, the war between Civic and Corolla lovers took a new turn and Corolla enthusiasts started teasing Civic boys through different memes, and videos on social media. They started calling it ‘Lifafa’ and thus this generation became famous with the title ‘Lifafa’ here in Pakistan.

13. Toyota Vitz – Elephant Shape

Famous Nicknames of Cars In Pakistan

In January 1998, Toyota launched first generation of Toyota Vitz, also known as the Toyota Yaris in different regions. This subcompact hatchback car remained in production until 2004 and garnered a tremendous response in our local used car market. During that time, the car earned the nickname “Elephant” from dealers and brokers for its plump side profile and elegant interior.  Since then, most car enthusiasts have used this nickname to represent this generation of vitz.

14. Toyota Vitz – BullDog Shape

Toyota Vitz - BullDog Shape

In February 2005, Toyota launched the second generation of the Vitz. This car was so appealing hatchback at that time and people loved its shape. Our car dealers and enthusiasts nicknamed it “BullDog” due to the up-swapped headlights, and front grill with a large bumper. Hence, it’s often referred to as ‘BullDog’ or ‘Dog Shape Vitz’. The Bulldogs’ peaceful demeanor and innocent appearance inspired our people to give it this title.

15. Toyota Vitz –  Spider Shape

Toyota Vitz -  Spider Shape

In December 2010, Toyota introduced the 3rd generation of the Vitz. It has a much roomier interior space as compared to its previous generations. This car was one of the most loved hatchbacks due to specious legroom and headroom. With its aerodynamic exterior, sporty crystal headlights, and profile, this car earned the title “Spider” in our market. Car enthusiasts started saying it ‘Vitz Spider Shape’ and from onwards, this name remained with it.

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16. Toyota Corolla – Indus Corolla

In 1993, Indus Motor Company (IMC) launched the locally assembled 7th Toyota Corolla Generation in Pakistan. It became the first-ever Corolla to roll off the assembly lines of IMC.

Toyota Corolla Generations in Pakistan

To differentiate this locally assembled from the imported one, the “Indus Corolla” title was given to it, and even after decades, this title was permanently linked with this generation. This generation got a lot of love from car enthusiasts and still, it has a special place in the hearts of our people even after many locally assembled Corollas come but no one replaces it in terms of affection and durability. 

17. Toyota Vigo/Revo – Daala

No introduction is needed for this Pickup Truck; it has earned fame around the world for tackling challenging roads, participating in off-road rallies, and embarking on adventures. But here in Pakistan, This pickup truck has a special status symbol or privilege that owners usually misuse on the roads to annoy others. Our Security agencies also use these trucks for some kind of ‘Particular needs’.  In rural Pakistan, it was initially called “Daala” and eventually, the word spread to urban areas, becoming synonymous with this pickup truck, known as ‘Vigo Daala or Revo Daala’.

Toyota Vigo/Revo - Daala

The term ‘dala’ means ‘something brought or carried,’ and it has since become permanently associated with it, widely recognized and used by almost everyone.

Comment below if you believe we overlooked any nicknames or if there are names you weren’t aware of before.