About Car Wrap:

In this article, we are discussing about things you should know about car wrapping. A car wrap is a new modification technique where sheets of vinyl applied to the body of car. In past, it was used basically for business/commercial vehicles as an approach to the marketing of brand’s logo and it’s services. so far Today, vehicle wrapping has gotten progressively well known in the consumer market as an alternative to traditional paint. To change the look of car and to make it unique, people consider wrapping option. There are various types of wrapping paper available in market which includes standard glossy color, gradient color, matte finish, chrome metallic color and much more.

Paint Protection:

If your car has a factory paint job or has a high quality paint job, car wrapping will definitely gives benefit you by covering it and protect it. You don’t need to be panic about damage the paint unless it’s low quality wrap. In fact, the vinyl will became the boundary between the paint and climate presentation, rocks and different trash, and the typical wear of time.

Remember, If the paint is damaged or very old than there is a lot of chances that the wrap paper (vinyl) will pull the paint off when its removed. Similarly, If the car is repainted with low quality or with inappropriate method than there is a big chance that the paint will be pulled off when removing vinyl.

Surface Condition:

Mostly people think that vinyl wrap will hide all the dents, rust and paint damages and car will be looks shinny as new. They are definitely wrong here, these things need to be fixed first before wrapping the car. The body surface of car has to be smooth and as clean as possible otherwise the vinyl wrap won’t place accurately; there will be bubbles and wrinkles which will be appears. Once your vehicle is wrapped than their is no chance of rust under it, it will protect it from surface rust and stone chips, scratches that could cause rusting from outside.

Surface condition is the main thing you should know about its status before wrapping your car.


To ensure a wrap will be long-lasting, keep your car in a garage. If you don’t have garage than buy a good quality of car cover. Handwash the car with soft microfiber towel atleast twice a week. Don’t rub it hard, use microfiber towel smoothly and gently. These things not only extends the life of the wrap, but also getting the genuine worth out of the modification.

Car Wraps Cost:

The cost of car wraps depends on the wrapping paper quality, type of style, size of vehicle and facing complexity during installation.

Approximately, the cost of wrapping is starts from 45k (PKR) and goes around 0.2 millions (PKR) depending on the size and quality of wrapping paper. If a customer isn’t willing to pay for quality, there are obviously less expensive alternatives for paint, yet all things considered, whatever is paid for is the thing that the owner needs to adjust with.

car wrapDurability:

It will be long-lasting if it’s properly taken care of. If its properly installed and maintained, a car wrap can last for about 5 to 7 years. Durability is also depends on the quality of paper, mostly car owner notice a difference in quality near 5 years, color shine and fadness of paper will speaks itself when the life of paper is about to completion.

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On three conditions, when owner wants to remove the wrap of car is when he decided to sell the car, try different look or wants to move on original color. Owner can take the car back at the shop where wrapping is applied. The removal process can take upto three to four hours and it may cost you around 50 to 60k (PKR). The labor in shop cleans off any clingy wrap with the help of remover. In the case of everything works out in a good way, the wrap won’t have harmed the paint, which is the perfect situation. On the off chance that your paint was not in the best shape or was fixed eventually with a thinner coat, quite possibly’s some of it may fall off with the wrap.

Not Suitable For Everyone:

A car wrap is not something that you put on car and forget about. The place where you live is also an important factor. If you live in a hot climate area or leave your car outside in the light of sun for too long, than it will ruined it.

Its recommended that park your car in a garage or cover it with a good quality of car top cover and all the safety precautions you take will increase its life span.

So, these are the things you should know about car wrapping before you go for this customization on your car, if you can manage all these above things than you must give a unique look to your car.